Skin rejuvenation secret

Blog | January 24th, 2015

Real results without undergoing surgery is now possible, thanks to recent technological advances, noninvasive procedures are now capable of making you look younger than ever before.

Skin Rejuvenation using light energy: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)


How: We offer the Elos technology which is a safe, short bursts of visible light that are emitted from a lamp to improve skin texture, remove age spots, diffuse redness or uneven pigmentation. It works in the same way as a laser, but emits a broader range of wavelengths that allows for treatment of a variety of skin types. What is even great with the new technology we acquired, the Elos, it combines  IPL and radiofrequency to precisely heat the dermal tissue, stimulating collagen production within the target treatment area. Fine wrinkles are reduced and facial contours are improved to reveal a much smoother and more even complexion.

What to expect: Many people describe the treatment as a warming sensation that is similar to that of a sunburn.

Patients come in our practice to maintain the tightness of their collagen with the Elos IPL treatment. This is a very popular  procedure that gives real results. Our patients come in a few times to have their skin reset , they maintain this collagen stimulating effect by coming in every quarter to keep their skin looking great.

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