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Skin Care Services

Injectables and Dermal Fillers


Brightening and Skin tightening with RF and IPL combined

Microneedling, Fractional microneedling

┬á“Star Facial” Our Signature Dermal Peel

  • Patient (2014)

    "My face was sagging. I thought I needed a face lift, and I heard of Dr. Domondon. I have been looking for a doctor to perform my fillers. She did a great job. All I could say after the procedure was, 'Wow!' Thank you, Dr. Domondon!"

  • Patient (2014)

    "I am extremely delighted to have Dr. Domondon perform my Voluma filler injection. Her expertise in injecting fillers is amazing. She gave me a nonsurgical face lift. What I like about her is that she does not over-correct, and she lets you know the minimum procedure that will give you the best results without making you look overdone. Great doctor, great injector!"

  • Patient (2014)

    "I have gone to Dr. Domondon for many years. She has a very gentle touch when injecting Botox. Each time I get my treatment, I am always pleased with the results. I feel very lucky to be in her practice."

  • J. P. (2014)

    "[Dr. Arana-Domondon] is a very good doctor. I would highly recommend her. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. [...] A great place to go!"